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We make AI accessible for widespread adoption in your organization.

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We're at a turning point.

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We believe that generative AI solutions will impact each and every business process in every company.

The MbarQ compass that guides us on our journey towards revolutionizing business processes with generative AI is based on three fundamental principles: tangibility, feasibility and scalability.

We’re 200% committed to delivering tangible business value by demystifying AI, leveraging standardized and pre-built generative AI solutions and streamlining the path to innovative and replicable success.

We’re at the forefront of making AI not just accessible, but integral to business growth and efficiency.


What our clients say

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"MbarQ was really proactive and already built a use case specifically for us. So they worked on our needs and we’re going to continue working with MbarQ."

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"We chose a partner that is already experienced with the technology."

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